Let’s talk about a website for your business. Why is it so essential?

Efficient website is a necessary foundation for your company. Thanks to a website:

  • Potential clients will know where and how to find you
  • You will tell them why they should work with you
  • •You will present your expert knowledge and experience
  • Your clients will get acquainted with your business and services

Your future website has to be transparent, aesthetic, and functional. Only then, potential customers can decide to get to know your offer better and make an inquiry. We understand this perfectly, which is why we create websites built primarily to facilitate your sales, so that you can attract new customers and grow your business.


of SMEs don’t have a website

Our websites are:


We create transparent, understandable, and aesthetic websites. As a result, your client will know how you can help them and see that they are dealing with a professional. And this will encourage them to drop you a line!


The webpage you will receive from us will look just as good on a mobile device as it looks on a computer.


We build websites on the WordPress CMS system, which allows you to edit almost any element of the website with ease!


All our sites meet Google requirements, which facilitates their optimization (SEO).


Your website doesn’t depend on us! It’s placed on your domain and your hosting. You have all the data and rights to administer and modify it.


Before we start a project, we always ask about your expectations: What do you expect from your site, what kind of pages do you like, and what goals do you set for your website? With us, you get a website that meets all of your expectations!


We can design a company’s website, blog, online store, or simple online business card for you. Do you prefer ‘scroll’ pages (one page layout)? No problem! We do not work on just one ready-made template. We create solutions that meet your needs.


If you want to create a foreign language version of your site in the future, it will be possible!


When our work is done, you get from us a simple instruction on how to perform basic changes on the website (e.g. add a new blog post). We can also do this for you.


Do you already have a website that needs refreshment or a thorough renovation? We are happy to help you!


of the Internet is powered by WordPress


Your website has one primary task: to sell. Your website should allow you to attract more customers and present your offer in the best possible way. That’s why we have prepared a number of additional services that will help in creating and managing your new website.


of all website traffic worldwide is generated through the mobile devices. That’s why your website has to be mobile-friendly!

ikona Plugins: You can't find a plugin that meets your requirements? We will probably be able to design it for you from scratch! Let us know what effect you would like to achieve and we will do our best to help you!

ikona Content writing: Do you want to create the first website of your company, but you do not know what should be on it? No problem! Tell us about your company, and we will write a simple yet effective text that will interest your potential customers! For more information, see, our copywriting agency.

ikona Translations & proofreading: Would you like to have different language versions on your website? The translators who work with us will make a translation that will attractively reflect the original text. Also, we cooperate with the US native speakers, who provide the proofreading services in English.

ikona Graphics and photos: We can look for ready-made graphics and photos for your website (so-called stock photos) that will complement its appearance. Or maybe you want to put photos of your company, your team on your website as well? Great! We work with a professional photo studio that will take care of the photo shoot!

ikona The Google and Social Media integration: Do you want to promote your website on Google? The Google Analytics module will be useful. Or maybe you also have a Facebook fanpage and want to show it to your visitors? We will take care of it!

ikona The newsletters and contact forms: Do you want to build your own mailing database? We will create a professional newsletter registration form and a contact form. You will have all your subscribers in one, safe place.

ikona Maintenance: We understand you want to focus on growing your business. You don't have time to publish posts on your blog or to update your offer? We can do it for you! In such a situation we settle on the basis of an attractive monthly rate and we carry out previously agreed works.


A chatbot on your website!

We can build a chatbot that works 24/7 and answers all the customers’ questions when you are out of office. We create a chatbot both from the technical side (coding) and communication schemes–we teach the bot what questions customers can ask and how to respond.

Our chatbots also collect customer contact details and notify you via e-mail of the contact requests.


When working with our company, you have a real impact on what the page we make for you will look like. We will lead you step by step through all stages of our work, and they are as follows:

An audit and interview:

We start each project with a thorough interview with you. We try to determine what do you expect from your website, what it should be like, what information it should provide. We will also ask you to indicate websites you like so that we know where to find inspiration.

At this stage, we often conduct an analysis of your competitors' websites. Most often, we check 5-10 different webpages. On request, we can prepare for you a (paid) report from such an analysis, thanks to which you will learn how your competition communicates, what tools it uses, what offer it has. This will help you better understand the market and perhaps adjust your offer.

An Offer:

When we know what do you expect and how we can address your needs, we prepare a proposal and a quote. Most often, we sign a cooperation agreement with clients. We believe that this guarantees both your and our safety and comfort. Usually, we also charge a 30-50% up-front payment.


We work on your website! We build its foundation, content, and graphics. A webpage layout is created and all the necessary elements that are not visible at first glance, but are extremely important for the reliable and stable functioning of the website.

When we finish this stage, we show you the operative version of the site, which, up to this point, works on our server. You can submit corrections and comments on the project. When you accept the website, we proceed to the next stage, right after written confirmation (by e-mail), namely:


We send you an invoice for the website and any additional services. After receiving the transfer, we perform the last action, which is:

Publication on the Internet:

We transfer the entire page to your server and your domain. You receive data for website management and hosting. From this moment, the site is online, and anyone who enters its address will see it on their device.

Would you like to see some of our previous projects? Take a look:


Each of our projects is priced individually. Why? Because we think that there are no two identical websites. Each customer has their own expectations, needs and conditions, which, ultimately, determine the uniqueness of each project we implement.

But we believe that transparency is a sign of respect for the Client, which is why we have prepared an illustrative price list:

  • Simple webpage: up to 3 tabs (not including the contact tab), Google Maps, contact form and link to Facebook: starts from 299 USD
  • Simple blog: up to 3 tabs (not including the contact tab), link to Facebook, and the newsletter subscription form: starts from 399 USD
  • Simple landing page: a one-page website with short text advertising a single product/service with the registration form: starts from od 199 USD
  • Website maintenance: starts from 59 USD/month

Remember that EVERY page we make for you will have:

  • The WordPress CMS (content management) system in English
  • Contact details for you or your company
  • Menu to facilitate navigation
  • Instructions on how to carry out simple tasks on the website (e.g. add a new blog post)
  • The cookies notification message

In order to receive a quote from us, use the above button ‘Get a price quote’ or drop us a line:

The quote is free and does not oblige you to place an order.